“If you ever need a coffee, we are just a home away”

You are never lonely at The Second Home Cafe. We have mouth-watering food, quirky cafe interiors, breezy vibes and friendly and happy environment to accompany you with a good time; with colleagues, friends, family, or just with yourself. Just as what you feel AT HOME.

When we created our first comfort zone at Rouse Hill in 2015, we wanted to treat everyone around us with a homely vibe and food that tastes and smells like your home’s kitchen. Our second comfort-zoned cafe at Richmond was followed in 2018, where we created the same homely vibe, dolled up with swanky interiors, fun-loving staff and irresistible food menu.

Our journey so far has been amazing. We met new people, saw new ideas coming up, joined many meetings and fun-times, and enjoyed romantic love stories unfold.

So it’s time, that you gather your gang, shift your workstation, make your meetings fun, or spend some quality time with your date. The Second Home Cafe is your new “comfort zone”, too comfortable for you and your company to say goodbye to.